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The session on “Abundance Reiki” on 16thJanuary, 2016 was mesmerizing. The simple and vivid explanation on Law Of Abundance and Law Of Giving & Receiving – has helped me a lot to understand how I can improve the circulation of abundance in my life and in the life of others. I could now understand why my affirmations were incomplete & unanswered. The various activities during the session enabled us to feel the Abundance Energies within us. I am grateful to you for enlightening me on the positive feeling. With the meditation techniques learned in the therapy I will now be able to release the negative & limiting beliefs and energy blocks in me and bring complete balance in my life & realize my manifestations. Every time I am meeting someone – I am silently wishing them Happiness, Joy, Laughter, abundance & Love. I can see the smile on other persons face & experience the vibrations of circulating Joy and Happiness. I am grateful to you for teaching us to draw Abundance Energies and Self Healing exercise.

Deepak Goenka

For first, I was sceptical to use tarot reading as a tool for assistance regarding issues about my career. Then I went in for a reading with Anurag & he changed my whole perspective towards Tarot reading. Further, with the understanding I decided to learn it. And trust me this has been the most wonderful experience of life. It has given deeper insight about my own life & also connected me to the spiritual me within. I would recommend these courses do help. Go for it without thinking twice. .

Sheetal Shah, Banker

I happened to consult Anurag one fine day just to experience TAROT reading. I told him to give me an overview about the different aspects of my life like..Carrier..Relation-Ships..and future financial issues.

Anurag’s advice to keep away from the relation, without any doubt, has been proving very beneficial to me. Moreover through TAROT he was also able to efficiently address my ongoing confusion related to my carrier decision and possible future financial conditions.

Anurag is a very honest and professional person. The depth of spiritual knowledge that he has gained in a mere span of two and half years reflects his level of passion towards this profession. Moreover his expression of spiritual knowledge is impeccable and one of a kind.

Anurag has my constant encouragement in his endeavour to serve and bring peace to mankind..