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What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a profound healing modality as well as a diagnostic tool brought in by a German psychotherapist, philosopher Bert Hellinger. We as human beings are designed in a way where we carry our traits and attributes from our DNA, i.e. we carry them from our family lineage. For example, a child born in the family looks exactly like his paternal grandfather or a daughter replicate her eating habits exactly like her mother. All of this is possible because of the information present in our DNA. Like the good habits, we also carry forward the sufferings of our parents, grandparents and our ancestors unknowingly exactly like the way we carry the good traits. We unknowingly suffer their sufferings without understanding the root cause from where are they originating. All of this leads to unhappiness in our lives and entanglements.

The question now is, “How and why are we suffering their sufferings when they are no longer present in their physical bodies?” The answer to this is, there is a “Supreme Energy Field” where we all belong to. And this is the place where these entanglements are present and are coded in our DNA as well. This is the field where one can identify the entanglements with the help of a facilitator and resolve the issues where reasons for the issues where unexplainable earlier.

Family Constellations take you on a journey of a dynamic consciousness where one can become aware of “All That Is” presence and re-connect themselves to the SOURCE of their existence.

Benefits of Family Constellations:

  • Restoring Love, Peace and Harmony in your Energy Field; thereby helping you to reclaim your feeling of oneness.
  • Surrendering the EGO presence and accepting that we are the sum total of our parents, grandparents and our ancestors.
  • The most important element which one can apply here is GRATITUDE. One can let the energy of gratitude flow across the generations and lead a more meaningful life.
  • Becoming ONE with the “All That Is” presence, the ancestors, the energy field and everyone who belongs to the family system.

Tarot reading has been with humanity since ages. They are the most wonderful gift to human race for tuning into the messages of the Divine energies. Tarot reading helps one understand the blocks coming their way and also understand their soul plan. No-one knows exactly how they work, although there are many theories. Tarot cards contain symbolism that is deeply imprinted on our subconscious and collective mind, and through these symbols may draw out what is buried in our own minds and souls and bring it to light, where we can examine them and learn to apply these universal concepts to our own life. You can read more about it on www.tarot-india.com

Osho Zen tarot is non-traditional deck of tarot cards and is based on the transcendental game of Zen. It is developed by Maa Devi Padma – a follower of Osho based on the insights and discourses given by Osho. These cards are not just helpful in getting some light on the issues one is facing, but understand the soul plan in details. Using this deck of cards of readings helps you enlighten the compassion, intuition and integrity needed to align with the Universal energies. You can read more details about it on www.oshozentarot.co.in

Our mixed bag of experiences in our childhood and adolescence are responsible for the creation of what we are today. Most of our beliefs and attitudes are built based on the environment around us as well as our experiences. Some these experiences are not very healthy and bring about limitations in our thoughts and beliefs. At times certain situations in our life make a part of our energy get stuck in that situation. Hence, it is necessary to trace back those experiences and heal them. Inner Child Healing takes you on a journey of freeing yourself from the clutches of your past experiences and thereby releasing all the energy blocks. It helps one to go on the deeper subconscious level where these experiences are stored. Also, the fears, anxieties, unnecessary worries are touched in this therapy to release them.

Theta Brain Wave healing is a modality which clears your limiting beliefs not only from your subconscious mind, but also from your DNA as well. It makes new neuron pathways after new beliefs are downloaded along with positive feelings and emotions. We carry limiting beliefs not just from our DNA, but also from the experiences of our past lives. Theta Brain Wave Healing helps you to release beliefs from this level of the past lives too. Once, the limiting beliefs are replaced with new positive ones, life is re-designed and one can expect life filled with love, happiness and abundance. It also helps you to manifest your dreams and desires in life with the help of art of manifestation. Empowered beliefs and feelings can help you to re-program your life. Also, you can understand your soul plan clearly.

Even though we feel it is necessary to be practical in our lives, but we still cannot change the fact that all the relationships in our lives revolve only around emotions. Even your relationship with money decides the flow of money in your life. We are entangled in emotions and this is the truth. There are hurts, grief, sorrows, depression and many more emotions hidden inside our mind and body. Releasing them is essential to let new positive energy flow in life.

Emotional Release Technique is a very simple technique devised to release deeply hidden emotions without involving any clinical hypnosis or any other method. It deals directly with the emotions associated causing any kind of physical or mental stress. It also helps you to get in touch with your inner self who is hidden in these heaps of unhealed emotions.

Our past holds the key to unlock a lot of doors with answers to our current life questions. We have lived many births and so experiences have also been different in each lifetime. These collective experiences sometimes over an issue are very limited and hence we face a lot of issues in our lives.At times, there is repetitive pattern repeating in your life and you want to know why. For example, relationship issues happening from time and again, even though you are giving in your 100% but still you feel empty in the relationship as well as there are problems too. This is where Past Life Regression can help you discover the answers to these questions as well as resolve the reasons as to why certain issues are persisting.

PLR (Past Life Regression) is a hypnosis technique which takes the person into deeper trance levels for unlocking their past lives responsible for the issues they want to resolve. Even generational curses, oaths and vows can be cleared in PLR sessions. Many of the fears and phobias like fear of water, fear of darkness, phobia of going in an elevator can also be resolved with PLR therapy.

Reiki means “life force energy”. It is pronounced as “ray-key” and was discovered by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. This is one of the best method to bring one’s energy in complete balance and alignment. Reiki helps you restoring balance on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It enables to bring your chakras in balance and release any energy blocks in them. Our thoughts and emotions disrupt our balance in energies. This is where Reiki can be helpful to release these disrupting thoughts and emotions to bring in more positivity in life.

Reiki is administered by lying hands on the person who wishes to receive Reiki energy. It is based on the idea that Life – force energy flows from the chakras in our hands thereby promoting healing and balance in the body. This is one of the safest and natural method of spiritual healing.